Scream 25th anniversary product update - now expected April 2022

Dear Scream Fans, We wanted to update you on the current status of the Scream merchandise pre orders. As you all know, these were due in October but were seized on arrival into the UK by Trading Standards. The UK Funworld distributor was told by Trading Standards that as the masks have some appeal to children, they need to be tested to toy safety standards – as they are adult masks and labelled as such, this has never been necessary before and the distributor is contesting it. The goods are being held by Trading Standards indefinitely and the matter is now in the hands of sollicitors.

There is no way of knowing how long this process will take so we are busy trying to source stock from one of our other suppliers but due to various production delays caused by Covid and the global shipping crisis, they have not yet received their stock. The latest update from this supplier is that they hope to receive stock in April. We can reassure you that as soon as stock is available, we will air freight it immediately and fulfil your orders as soon as we possibly can.

We are getting a high level of emails and social media messages asking for an update which we totally understand as everyone is eagerly awaiting the items. As we are a small team, we have decided that the easiest way to keep everyone advised is for us to send a weekly email, even if there is no news. So please look out for your weekly Scream email update and please be assured that we promise to keep you informed. If you decide you prefer to cancel your order due to the lengthy wait, please do let us know and we will process your refund.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding

Products affected:

Scream 25th Anniversary Mask

Scream 25th Anniversary Box Set

Scream 25th Anniversary Voice Changer

USA Flag Ghost Face Mask

Dead By Daylight Viper Mask

Dead By Daylight Scorched Ghost Face

Dead By Daylight Ghost Face Devil Mask